Exploring two different Career Paths?

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I am a Help Desk Level 1 Tech for a Big Public School
Right now Im trying to explore different career paths and would like your guys opinions
so a little about me I love talking to people and being social and finding errors for what people have done on coding

So here are two career paths I can take

Help Desk level 1 > Desktop Support Level 2 > Help Desk/ Desktop Supervisor Level 3


QA Assurance > Business Analyst

This is the advancement levels I can take where I work at but I want to commit to one path which one is better in the long run?

Each advancement comes with a pay raise and it will take time to get promoted since I work with the government.

I would like my career to end at either being a Business Analyst or Computer Desktop Manager


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    Those 2 paths are completely different in terms of daily responsibilities. Business Analyst is more of a reporting job...evaluate data and present on it. You don't really touch any technology. The HD and Desktop positions are self-explanatory but you get to play with desktops, OSes, app suites, etc.

    If I were you and you like to talk to people...go for the BA role. It's fairly solidified in the business world so you can always look up that title for jobs.
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