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I just got my a+ cert, and I applied for a desktop support job that wants Dell Desktop Certs. Is there any difference between A+ and Dell?

I just took a look at the Dell DSCE Site. Other than product specific knowledge, It doesn't look as detailed as the A+ class I just finished.
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    Ricka182Ricka182 Member Posts: 3,359
    DCSE is Dell specific, dealing with Dell machines in and out. There are multiple levels including Desktops, Servers, and Portables. Self Training on these is very expensive, and is usually provided by some employers. A+ is an entry level PC tech cert, vendor neutral. A+ covers computers in general. You can get more info on Dell DCSE, and A+.
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    janmikejanmike Member Posts: 3,076
    A couple years ago I worked on a Dell deployment job for a contractor. Most of us were A+, but if a tech worked on one of the Dell PCs, even if just adding more RAM, he had to be Dell certified because of warranty requirements by Dell. That is likely the reason behind the practice of some employers paying for this certification.
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