CEH DVD Toolkit where can I get the utilities?

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Short and sweet question, I am looking for the list of utilities that are on the CEH DVD Toolkit. However, I can't find them online with the complete list. Does anyone have a list of the tools on the toolkit so I can practice for the exam? Thanks! Also, is the Pearson guide for the CEH a good book to read? I know about the Matt walker and the sybex book but I tended to like the Pearson guides as I used them for other certifications. Thanks guys/gals!


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    What's the goal here? 99% of the utilities on that disc are either obsolete or useless for exam purposes.
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    I am looking for utilities just to practice with to gain more knowledge and to have a good arsenal of tools to use. Also for tools that are used on the exam. From what I have heard, Nmap is tested quite a bit and I have heard Snort (IDS/IPS) output is also. What tools are really tested on the C|EH if anyone can say or is it against NDA? The exam objectives don't say which tools are used just tools in general.
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