Do I need N+?

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Hi guys,

I am looking for my next exam and wondering if Network + is the right one for me. I currently work on the infrastructure side of IT as a Network Technician. I basically do a lot of desktop support. I really enjoy it but do not want to be stuck doing the same thing forever as I have seen in previous help desk roles. I have done a few network things on the job and have a B.A. in a non IT field. I really like this side of IT but want to get a certification that will help me to earn upwards of 50K (currently earning about 35K). I don't have the A+ but I have those four MTA's. I guess generally I am wondering:

If I have Network Tech exprience how valuable is the Network + cert?

What are common task in Networking?

How should I go about studying for Net +?

How long should I study for this exam assuming I can study for about 2 hours a day?

Thanks for the advice


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    I am no expert, but first, congrats on getting the certifications that you do have.

    You state that you seek to earn $50k+, but doing what? I promise, I'm not being a wiseguy, but if you want to make it in IT security, or as a systems admin, or as a developer, or as a desktop technician, the route will vary.

    All things being equal, I would get an A+ as I understand your situation and the world at this moment. My next step after that would vary upon your own goals and hopes.
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    Common tasks may vary widely depending on where you work. I work for an ISP, and honestly I did find the Network + helpful in solidifying some knowledge of different WAN technologies and cabling. Our common tasks are typically diagnosing an issue remotely, and usually only span from troubleshooting layer 1 to layer 3 issues.

    If you worked for an MSP or a corporation/firm, your tasks could vary a lot more than mine, but the end result would likely be the same... a user or department says they "can't access this..." or "that" and you go about a systematic process of proving what routes/connections do work to isolate the issue. In these scenarios, depending on the company and their needs, a CCNA may be of more value. I am currently pursuing the CCNA, and there is some overlap with Network + ( CCENT ).

    I think studying for Network + should go like any other subject, and some people can manage quicker than others. I took several months, even with my experience due to being a father and having family to take care of as well. I probably averaged an hour a day, but found using multiple sources helpful (Mike Meyer's All in One Guide and Professor Messers Youtube Channel were particularly helpful).

    My typical study routine was to read and note take Day 1 evening, then Day 2 morning review those notes. Day 2 evening, watch videos and note take, Day 3 morning review notes. Day 3 evening, do a practice test. Day 4 morning review my wrong answers. Start at Day 1 again that evening and so on...

    That's just what worked for me, good luck.
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    My advice would be to go for the N+ then the CCENT then the CCNA. In the meantime, you can apply your new skills and knowlege to your current role and begin the process of putting yourself in the job market.

    I think that it accomplishes a number of things at once: 1. you start building the base of knowledge that you will use for the rest of your career. 2. you get as much certification and as many credentials that are appropriate to your skill level as possible. and 3. you use those to leverage your career as you move along.

    A lot on this board suggest that you pick an end goal before you start your planning, but I believe that you will learn more about the opportunities available as you learn the systems and technologies and where they fit in the market place. Sooner or later, you fall in love with something, and that's when you begin to focus on those technologies.

    Whatever you decide, good luck!
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    Honestly, if you already have desktop and some networking experience, I'd probably just go to Professor Messer's videos and spool up on some of the base concepts of the N+ then skip the cert and go into the CCENT. If your work will pay for it then I'd grab the N+, otherwise I think you'll have a better ROI with the CCENT/CCNA.
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