GSEC in two weeks (SANS401)

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I have finished my index? Anyone have thoughts on the best way to sort it for the exam? By book? By Topic? Both?

Any other suggestions to carry in for the exam? Dr. Eric Cole's Network Security Bible?


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    To keep things as simple as possible, I recommend bringing just your index and your course materials (including any SANS-provided ****-sheets). How you arrange your index should really be up to what's optimum to your exam-taking techniques. I personally sectioned my notes by book. That said, I only index notes for areas which I'm not 100% on.

    The best way to pass the exam with the highest score you can is to simply know the material. It's a long exam and covers a wide range of topics.
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    I bought nice plastic tabs to mark each section.
    that way it was quick if you had to refer to section you could quickly flip there.
    i did indexes per book. If you know couple books well then you only have reference 4 books.
    i took course materials, Linux book and windows book.
    i also used red pen to underline key words and multiple colors of hi lighters.
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    As docrice, I index selectively and leave out stuff I know by heart. I've done my two indexes by alphabetical order | book | page | short description. At least in my case this proved to be very successful as I only had to open the book a couple of times. I also took the SANS **** sheets. No 3rd party books.

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    I am preparing for the GCIH and my index is similar to cyberguypr (alphabetical, book, page, brief description). I have three spreadsheets: topics, tools, and commands.
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    I too indexed like cyberguypr, but had three separate indexes; book material, tools, and commands. You can take a look at what my experiences with the GSEC are here: My Experience with the GIAC GSEC Exam

    My index was pretty concise and included stuff I knew from heart. I just wanted to be sure of GIAC's terminology compared to what I knew that I knew.

    The GSEC has a ton of material to cover, but if you study and know the material, you'll do well.
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