How long did it take until you felt prepared for this exam?

Matt_SmiMatt_Smi Member Posts: 111 ■■■□□□□□□□
I am almost ready to take my Net+, I think that I will schedule it for the first or second week in March. After I get that out of the way I am going to start to study for 70-270, now that MS is running this second chance offer. This offer lasts until June 30th, so that gives me roughly three and a half mouths to study. I will try to stick to what I have been doing for Net+ and what I did for A+, which is normally an hour or two of studying a day and then studying/reviewing pretty much all day the week before the exam. I also am currently in-rolled in classes which prepare you to become an MSCA, so for the past mouth I have been learning about topics which relate to the test (and other tests). But I was just looking to get an idea of how long it took you to prepare for the test and how you did on it. Thanks.


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