Scared but PASSED!! 889

I have been so nervous coming into this one, but it just goes to show all the study is really worth it in the end. For those taking it, what i reccommend is to read as many books and guides as possible, because each one will have some information that the others wont.

In a touch of irony however, during practice exams i almost always got 100% for troubleshooting hardware devices and drivers and troubleshooting security i was getting around 30%.

When i get my results today i went average with device drivers, but almost full marks for security. Its funny how it work out.

Also i dont know the odds if this happening but i recieved a question and about 6 questions later i got the same question again. Hopefully i knew the right answer.

But for those of you who are doing it soon i got a few questions on:
System restore
RIS and Sysprep
Funnily enough only got about 8 questions on shares and permissions.

Also I'd just like to say how grateful I am for all the work and input people put into the site, ecspecially the moderator. Those technotes probably got me 50% of my score. You've all been a fantastic help, and i look forward to getting some tips to get me through my 70-290, which im sitting in 1 month.


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