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I am in Northern Virginia about 15 minutes from Washington DC. So, as you are aware it's a big government area. I see that before July 29 you have the option to purchase an OnDemand course with a $800 discount. I was leaning more towards the GCED myself because of where it falls on the 8570 Chart as compared to the GSEC on the 8570 chart. I think the GCED would be more catered to my surroundings in terms of jobs. Even though the GSEC gets more (direct) hits on Job Search | one search. all jobs. Indeed.com. Having taking into consideration some people just list SANS instead of specific certifications on the job boards and the number maybe a little higher. Some of the other certs I would prefer to take in a classroom environment, so yes I have looked into other training offered by SANS.If you had to choose would you pick the GSEC or GCED (training) for an OnDemand purchase (considering my area)??


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    Whats your experience like? I always look for certs that will help further by knowledge and make me grow as a professional IT practitioner. I never paid attention to GSEC because I considered it too basic for my experience.
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