MCP Paper Certificate?

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I've looked for an answer to this but I can't seem to find anything recent.

I was just wondering... If you pass a Microsoft exam (non-MTA) and become recognized as an MCP, do you get a paper MCP certificate in the mail? Do you have to download/print it?

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    No. I've done a bunch of MCPs and MCTS and never received one. They cost about 5 or 6 bucks to mail, however, on MCP web-site. Which is okay, considering the fact that MS exams aren't really expensive.

    I've ordered mine, I enjoy looking at them on days when I feel broke and that happens more than I'd wanted to, lol.

    PS And yeah, you can download them for free and print at home if you have a good color inkjet.
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    I would just print my MCP, MCTS certs and CompTia on White-glossy posterboard @ work...then goto the dollarstore and frame it if I really wanted to look cool.

    In all seriousness, having a printed cert is great when you do a job interview. You can say "Oh, well I am certified in this, that, that and I have a degree in this and that." Employers like looking a physical objects...its kinda stupid, but its true.

    P.S. don't bring a framed cert to a interview. Just bring it in a folder with your diploma(s).
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    Yeah that's how it is here. To get "credit" for any certification HR wants a physical copy of it. They then review the personnel file if there's every any chance of promotion, etc.

    Thanks for your replies!
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    When I passed my first MCP (albeit in 1996 - Windows 3.1) I got a certification pack from Microsoft with a paper certificate saying "Microsoft Certified Product Specialist". Also each exam I passed I got a print-out of the score. Not taken one for yonks so not sure how it works now.
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    The MCP is listed on your Microsoft transcript. If you need proof of it, you can simply print out or link to the transcript itself.
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    Employers like looking a physical objects...its kinda stupid, but its true.

    I agree with this. I always bring in examples of workflows, scripts, my certifications, etc. It always helps.
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    Ah you know, I never thought of printing out some scripts to bring to an interview. That might be helpful sometime. Kinda cool actually.
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