faced problems with simultaion questions

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Hi All,
I took my exam today for the second time and failed icon_sad.gif .I want to share some very important thing with you guys.
I faced problems with simulation questions in the exam. The questions according to me were incorrect
1)I was asked to configure interfaces for router say A . The console opened with router B> . There was no password given.The password was for router B. But how could I reach B when there was no password for A?
2)There was one more simultaion question.Initialy it appeared that the interfaces had to be configured,but then it was something different. That part of the question was displayed after about 3 minutes.....
It was really time consuming and I couldn't figure out anything.
Please help......l have already written to cisco online support. Does anyone know where else can I talk abouit this problem.
I hope I am not disclosing any exam information. Right now I am feeling so bad becase I got both my simulations wrong because of this problem.
My score is 784 on a scale of 300-1000.


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    Sorry to hear about those problems, if Cisco doesn't respond directly, you might want to try Prometric or VUE (where you registered) and perhaps they can forward the complaint or give you an address/phone number.
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    Sorry to hear Anpu.

    I wanted to share my friend story also.. He took the test last week and scored 760. He told me that he did not get a simulator in the exam, and he sloved all those labs into option 'comments'. When he went to asked someone at the center that he is not getting a simulator so how the hell he would slove those labs, so those people at the center told him that they have no idea about the cisco exam, so he contiuned his test and offcourse he couldnt passed it due to the fact that those labs which he sloved in option 'Comments' did not get credit for that. and I do think that's the reason he couldnt pass the test. My friend went to school for CCNA and he was pretty confident that he would easily pass the test in first attempt.

    He called the Prometric and talked to customer service there. According to that representative she has escalated the issue to CCNA Program manager and it will take 48 to 72 hours to look into the issue and once they investigate more regrading his exam. Prometric would contact him. However, 48 hours already has been passed and he still did not hear from them yet.

    I would let everyone know, once prometric contact him.
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    I feel sorry for you guy, too.

    It is very bad situation, ... If you friend took the CCNA from training school. (s)he shall go back and talk to the instructor. He shall able to help to make contact with someone or know people...
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    i have been told yo wait for 4 business days to hera from cisco cert support. The prometric centre where I took the exam....want me to contact cisco.If you can give me any other contacts ,it would be really nice.
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