CISSP Resume Requirements

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Hi everyone,

I looked through the forum and I have seen these type of questions posted periodically and I was really hopeful after reading some responses. Would anyone mind taking a stab at my credentials to give me an idea of where I might stand if I were to sit for the CISSP tomorrow ? Specifically, would I likely meet the full CISSP requirements, or be placed as an Associate ? I spend most of my time lurking and found this place extremely helpful while I was studying for Sec+. So I'd like to say thank you to those who may have posted during that time.

Definitely not in resume form:

Current certifications: A+, Network+, Security+, ITILv3 Foundations, CTNS (online, Teracom training)

U.S. Army -Airborne Infantry (4 .5 years, two tours)
- Radio Telecommunications Operator for 2 years. Included using cryptology, FM/Satcom radio platforms.
- All other grunt positions (for what it's worth) - Rifleman, SAW Gunner & Squad Designated Marksman

Network Analyst Contractor (1 year, 3 months)
- Network Security
- Python/Java development
- Malware detection, enumeration

Information Assurance Security Engineer/Systems Engineer Contractor (7 months, current)
- SharePoint Development/Design (HTML,CSS,Python, Javascript)
- Virtual environment construction (Vmware, VirtualBox)
- Organizational security compliance NIST/FISMA
^^ Basically a jack of all trades, master of none type of position. So I'm eyeing the fun positions that require a CISSP

Capella University- Bachelors Information Assurance -- Estimated to be done in 8 months. I only list this because I intend to take the test in the December time frame. As it is a National Centers of Academic Excellence and that knocked a year off, though possibly conflicts with Sec+.

For what it's worth, I have had my govt. tickets since 2010 (half way through Army enlistment). I noticed several threads noting that the clearances were worth something to ISC.


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    I don't get what the question is? 3 years and 10 months out of the four because you have Security+. Has nothing to do with anything else.
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    My question is whether or not you guys would think I would meet the requirements for a full CISSP, as opposed to being an Associate.
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    Change the grunt stuff to read physical security. If it included patrols, guard duty, establishing routes, securing a location, etc. Focus on the management side of developing the physical security that you did. The radio operator portion, don't just say "used cryptography", put some details such as loading cryptographic fills, programming in channel hops for 30+ radios, rotating them monthly, establishing and maintaining secure satcom systems, etc.
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    If they don't count the physical security for grunt work, you need two more months at least. The rest looks good to me. You have up to 6 months I believe after passing the test to submit endorsement paperwork, you could take the test tomorrow, pass it, wait two months to send off the endorsement paperwork to be safe.

    I was audited and mine looked similar to yours at first. First I listed that I was currently NG, so they took that to mean that my entire time was guard and didn't give me credit for it. I had to submit DD214's showing 4 years of AD time. I also added in the physical security work that I mentioned above when I resubmitted it just to put everything out there for it was worth. I was contacted the same day with the congratulations email. I don't know how much it helped, but I'd recommend listing everything to anyone applying. Something else i noted was that they calculated my current position up to the day that they contacted me, so it was 4 months when I submitted it, they counted the current as 5 months because that's when they reviewed it. So really you could probably submit it today and if they wanted to wait the two months they would probably sit on it since endorsements can take forever anyway.
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    It may or may not, you haven't given enough information. I listed the activities I performed and commented how it related to a CISSP domain, you want to make it easy for the endorser, they shouldn't have to fill in the blanks.

    Comments like "using cryptology" and "security compliance" doesn't say much, it could just mean you've sent encrypted emails that comply with the company's email policy.

    The experience can overlap as well, if you work 1 year at a job that does both IAM and Risk Management that counts for 24 months experience.
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    TheFORCETheFORCE Member Posts: 2,297 ■■■■■■■■□□
    I believe you will qualify for the full CISSP. As the other mentioned, you just have to organize your resume. You need 5 years of experience for the CISSP, 1 year can be waived either from a current certification like the sec+ or by a 4 year degree which you poses. So really you have 4 years to worry about and in those 4 years you definitely have worked in at least 2 domains. So just organize your resume and be a little more descriptive and detailed.
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