Question re: Exam Prep book by Chrostoper Scordo (Foundations)

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Has anyone used the book ITIL Exam Prep Questions, Answers, & Explanations by Christopher Scordo?

I took all exams and quizzes through Exam 5 and was doing well enough that I felt confident to take the official ITIL practice exam where I also did well.

....Except that I have found every exam since then to be way more difficult.

Has anyone else used this book? Am I just imagining this jump in difficulty? Are they trying to over-prepare me for the foundations exam? Help!


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    Honestly, if you did well on the practice test by Axelos, you should just brush up on what you missed and then go take the test. The test wasn't that difficult, to me at least.
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    Thanks for the input. That was my thinking as well. I just had a few life events preventing me from actually taking the test so I decided to keep taking the practice tests to stay fresh.

    Except they got way harder, which shattered my confidence.
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    Hi there,

    I bought this book and it proved very helpful for me.

    The book contains 2 types of tests, one is a thorough examination of a particular section of ITIL, it is very useful to dig deeper in certain areas where one might be less knowledgeable. The other type is a global exam, similar to what you will have to pass for your certification.

    I would definitely recommend this book to anyone trying to pass ITIL certification,

    Good luck with your exam,
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    As stated in my OP, I did use the book's exams and mini-quizzes through Exam 5.

    Exams 6 and 7 (and possibly the rest of the book which I did not even review) were MUCH more difficult than they needed to be.

    I took the exam this past weekend and did well. I'm happy that this post it out here to serve as a warning for anyone that might have had their confidence shaken a bit like I did.
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    Congratulations TheRoasty!
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