ad hoc networks??

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hi... icon_confused.gif

what are these ad hoc n/w's??......plz help



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    This is a wireless network setup WITHOUT using an AP (access point). You setup AD HOC and two or computers link w/o an AP.
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    thanx for the reply...

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    You always need to go for infrastructure mode when you want wireless connections.

    With ad hoc you cannot connect other resources, its easier to setup, harder to manage.

    With instracture mode you can connect to other resources, management is easier, set up costs a bit of money, because of the access point, and the setup may be a bit harder depending on the security you want to implement.

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    do u knw hw these networks get connected.....for example if i want to get connected to an access point........what actually is the process taking place.......?

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    You just need a wireless NIC, and access point, you do the necessary configuration. Windows xp natively support wifi so windows will automaticly detect the wireless network(If the NIC is installed properly) and you can connect to it.

    With ad hoc you just need a NIC and an other pc with a NIC. You put the ad hoc function on in windows and the other pc will detect your computer.
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