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I have been working as Service desk/IT analyst(tier 1 job) for past 3 years. My expenses are getting expensive plus i cant take phone calls for rest of my life. I wanted to move on to something bigger in IT such as server deployement and management. For that i did MCSA 2012 but now certifications teach you only so much. Now when i go for interviews i get schooled pretty bad for two things. 1) no experience 2) i still dont have alot of knowledge about Server site as i havent really worked on them in work environment.

I feel very overwhelmed as i find myself stuck in the position and not able to get. Any one has any ideas how i can move my career forward.


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    Experience is the tricky thing. If the company you work for has people in the role you want I would spend time talking to them and offering help/asking to shadow. Not sure how you studied for the MCSA but If you have a computer that can handle it I would say set up your domain with all the functions you can figure out. That way if you get the interview explain the reason why you want to leave is because there is no way to move up and learn more and you have done xyz all on your own.

    Also all the Sys Admin jobs i've seen posted didn't just want you to have a MCSA (MCSE) but also know virtualization, maybe something like AWS or cisco knowledge or programming. In the jobs you're applying for do you have the other technical skills they are asking? I would also try to find people who work at the companies you want to on Linkedin and see what there experience is and see hows yours match up.
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    Study for certifications. Polish your resume. Work on interview skills.
    The certs will help you get interviews. And the process of studying for them acts as experience.

    Interviewers often recognize ambition and will hire you if you show that you want to continue to improve and advance
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