Security+ Review

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Took and passed my Security+ 2/15/06 with an 820!

Overall I thought it was a good general knowledge test, with minimal 2-3 questions that were worded badly.
I felt it was comparable to A+ and N+, and seemed to be a good cross of both situational and memorization questions.

I've been working in the computer field since 2000 and have dealt with a lot of what the exam covered over the past few years on a day to day basis.

I studied for about a total of 5-6 weeks, hitting it really hard the past 2 weeks.

I used:
Preplogic Audio Lecture Series
Cram Session Study Guide (nearly identical to prepogic lecture series)
examnotes.com study guide
techexams.net Free practice tests and study guide
mcmcse.com free practice test and study guide
Free practice test from getcerify4less.com (very helpful as each question had explanations and links)
I also went through the comptia exam objectives pdf and brushed up on whatever I thought I was lacking by doing a general google on the topic.

The exam was a wide base of questions covering all exam objectives, it did not focus on a particular topic more than another.

The areas I felt I probably missed were:
CIA Triangle pertaining to encryption and what portions the encryption satisfied.
I believe I missed a question in each of the following areas as well.
PKI, Hashing, Attacks/Prevention of attacks,Encryption, and best practices.

I would recommend this test to anyone working in the computer industry as the general concepts it covers are well worth it.


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