70-640 VM joining domain computer to domain controller:

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I am following the information from the book 70-640.. I must join Server02 to the domain controller. I am unable to do so and get errors:
netdom join %computername% /domain:contoso.com /userd:administrator /passwordd:"

netdom join %computername% /domain:contoso.com
The specified domain either does not exist or could not be contacted
The Command failed to complete successfully

Server01-Windows Server 2008 Standard
ipv4 address
subnet mask
default gateway
DNS Servers

Server02- Windows Server 2008 Core Installation
ipv4 address
subnet mask
Default Gateway
DNS Servers

For Server01, i can ping and contoso.com successfully. I cannot ping
Reply from Desitnation Host Unreachable

I cant ping from Server02 either

Most likely an issue with the gateway. I cant ping the gateway either. Not sure what i am doing wrong. SImply following the instructions from the book. Any ideas?


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    cruwlcruwl Member Posts: 341 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Turn off the windows firewall on both servers, that thing causes a ton of head aches in the lab.

    Next review your networking, If you cant ping the gateway something is wrong.

    Are they connected to the same virtual switches? Is the switch and your Host computer connected?
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    DeathmageDeathmage Banned Posts: 2,496
    he's going to be a system administrator, why does he need to know networking? icon_razz.gificon_bounce.gif
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