Only Redistribute Default Route OSPF into EIGRP

DKempeneersDKempeneers MemberBanned Posts: 36 ■■□□□□□□□□
Hi guys, i need your skill.

I want to redistribute my default route (on R2 from OSPF) into my EIGRP (R1 & R2)
How can i do this ?

here you can see my OSPF routing table of R2.

O*E2 [110/1] via, 05:22:48, Serial1/1 is subnetted, 1 subnets
O [110/64] via, 05:22:48, Serial1/1
O is a summary, 05:22:48, Null0

What kind of tool i can use for that ? Route-map but i dont know how.

Tanks you in advance,
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