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Looks like my certs are expiring at Cisco and I need to re-write something. Figured I'd go for my CCNP Security BUT I only have access to INE's subscription service which seems to be out of date on the .sec track (old exams):

CCNP Security - INE

Should I waste my time on them or look elsewhere for material? It appears as though the official courseware for SENSS isn't even available until next month...

How much information in those videos will translate?



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    If you pay for the yearly subscription, I think that is not fair at all.
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    SeekBytes wrote: »
    If you pay for the yearly subscription, I think that is not fair at all.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but they don't have a current CCNP Sec course at all. They are just giving you what they have... which is out of date since 1 year.

    I actually saw similar thing with a course bundle deal being sold, where most of the courses were out of date. I think it even said something like "Includes training for CCNP certification" but was just one out of date course. This is a common problem, I think.
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    CBT Nuggets and IPExpert have the updated version on their respectively websites. You can check yourself.
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