CAP Exam Review

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Took and Passed the CAP exam. I have a few years in the C&A world with DIACAP and RMF. Which helped a lot.
I thought the exam was harder than Security + but a lot easier than CISSP (Which I failed about 2 years ago and need need to study for again).

I purchased the CBK but stopped using it after reading Chapter 1. I read in another post on this fourm that the CBK wasn't that helpful and it was best to master the NIST SP so that's what I did.

FIPS 199
FIPS 200
NIST SP 800-18 R4
NIST SP 800-30 R1
NIST SP 800-37 R1
NIST SP 800-39
NIST SP 800-53 R4
NIST SP 800-53A
NIST SP 800-59
NIST SP 800-60
NIST SP 800-137

I pretty much read and rewrote all the main information from the SPs on index cards and used those. Yeah sounds crazy but I remeber things easier when I write it down for myself lol. You get 3 hours for the exam I was done in about 1 1/2. Felt nervous going in but once I started the questions things started coming easy to me.
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