2 years are nearly up

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Well I still have 6 months to recertify my vcp 5 or go further not sure what to do I mainly deal with Sccm and system center suite but will be using my VMware skills a lot more soon and working with end user computing I'm thinking of doing the DT exam.

Do you think I should just go for the vcp DT 5 exam or the 5.5 dcv? Not really that interested in going for vcaps etc as we're mainly a Microsoft place but we get requests for VMware stuff and Vdi stuff such as Xenapp and view


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    If you are 5.0 or 5.1, then I'd probably go for the 5.5 delta exam for DCV. VCP-DT seems to be a fairly large subset of products to learn on top of DCV.

    With that said it seems very likely that VDI will become fairly mainstream in a few years.
  • wayne_wonderwayne_wonder Posts: 215Member ■■■□□□□□□□
    Very true I don't need a certification to learn view so might just go with 5.5 delta seems logical
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    I'd agree that VCP550D is a good option, it's available til the end of September.
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