Worth it to do Net+ after Sec+?

AzubiAzubi Member Posts: 8 ■■■□□□□□□□
Hello everyone.

I recently got my Security+ certification. I've noticed that the common CompTIA progression seems to be A+, then Network+, then Security+. However, I went ahead and got Security+ first. It would be relatively easy in terms of effort and study time for me to go get the cert, but my question is, already having Sec+, would it actually be worth it to go back and get Network+? Or would it just be better to pass on Network+ altogether at this point and just start working on a vendor-specific certification like CCNA, or a higher-level security cert?

Security+ is the only cert I currently hold, so I'm kind of new to the world of IT certifications and am curious as to the best way to proceed. Thank you in advance for any suggestions!


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    TheFORCETheFORCE Member Posts: 2,297 ■■■■■■■■□□
    Network+ and Security+ are two different certifications, focusing on two different fields. You could go back and take it but what you would have to answer first is what are you focusing in for your future? What would you like to be working with.
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    techfiendtechfiend Member Posts: 1,481 ■■■■□□□□□□
    I'd only suggest the net+ if you find the ccent material too difficult to grasp. That's if you're focused on networks otherwise ignore it.
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    JameswebJamesweb Member Posts: 144
    It sort of depends on any networking background you may already have, if you have some already and want to go into networking like CCNA then would say you might could skip it. If no experience I would say it wouldn't be a waste of time before trying more advanced certs like CCNA. I am working on CCENT right now and N+ has helped with some of the basics for sure so far.
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    AzubiAzubi Member Posts: 8 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Thank you all for the input. I would like to delve deeper into security, but I still need to maintain a certain level of foundational knowledge in networking, and I think working on either Network+ or CCNA would be sufficient for that. Is it usually considered valuable to have some breadth of knowledge (for example, a security professional who is also familiar with networking) or is it better to pick a specialization and stick with it?

    I am considering going for CCSP as a next level security cert. Or would it be better to go for CASP or CCNA Security (if I go the CCNA R&S route first, rather than Net+)?

    Just for some further clarification, my focus is on developing and improving a skillset in the management side of InfoSec and networking.
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