What certification is more valuable? CCA-V or Xenapp 6.5?

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I'm ready to start studying for some Citrix certs, but I want to make sure I am investing my time and efforts in the right area. I've researched online and have seen mixed reviews. A lot of people are saying to stick with Xenapp 6.5 because that is what most companies are still using and most companies won't be using Xendesktop 7 for a long time. However, I'm worried that if I go for the Xenapp 6.5 certs that it will be obsolete soon. Can anyone please help me with some real world advice on this? Thanks!


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    I would go for the CCA-V. I get contacted by recruiters regularly for Citrix roles and they are looking for people with XenDesktop skills and having years of XenApp experience and multiple XenApp certs doesn't matter.

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    Thanks Andy! Exactly the type of answer I'm looking for.
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