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I am trying to find out what you guys think about this situation. I have sent all my college transcript and certification transcript and I got my evaluation back. For BS IT: Security I will be transferring 106 out 124, which by WGU policy I need a minimum of 30 credit to be completed in order to be enrolled. Which means I have t submit and appeal so they drop some of the courses that I have met in order to met the minimum amount of credits. In the other hands I have another evaluation for BS IT: Network Administration, which I will be transferring 80 out of 121 which means I don't have to submit any appeals but at the same time I will have to do 41 credits to finish the degree which means more time to finish it. The mayor differences between the two is the fact that I don't have any Microsoft certifications(windows 8 and server) which I will be required to take in order to finish the network administrator emphasis degree.

any thoughts will be appreciated.


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    I highly recommend the path of least resistance. Security vs NA....at the end of the day, you'll have a BS degree in IT.

    Go with the Security degree so that you only have 30 CUs to complete and no Microsoft exams. Microsoft exams are notoriously difficult on purpose (i.e. "stump the Admin") and may present a roadblock to completing your degree. Furthermore, WGU tuition equates to about $100 per week. That's a lot of money to be spending week after week while you study for these certs.

    You can obtain the MCSA certs in your own free time after you graduate, if you choose to do so.
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    Can you enroll under Network Administration and then change your major to Security?
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    Yeah I started the network admin track. I'm changing to security next semester. My mentor said it should be alright.
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    Are you interested in MCSA? If not, I'd appeal to clear up 12 credits of classes you can do, they will probably be beneficial courses like business that may take 50 hours to pass. I was on the Net Admin track and switched to Security mid term. All they have for MCSA 8.1 study material is CBT nuggets.
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    I really appreciate the input and i have to agree. i tried to talk to my enrollment counselor and i pointed out that seems strange that i cant get accepted. that the only alternative is the networking path or the appeal which to me is unheard of , having to ask to waived credits that i already earn. Microsoft to me is not that important at the moment, specially when i can do it on my own like every cert i currently posses. i only have 18 months on networking and i really like it, i really want to go all the way to CCIE, good thing is that my shop is 99% networking with maybe two server. security is my end goal for my career that is where i want to be maybe in 8 to 10 years from now. I just wanted to know that i am not crazy on feeling kinda rejected for having to much credits. Also when i talked to my enrollment counselor he told me that if i enroll into networking emphasis is almost a guarantee that i wont be able to transfer to security because of the amount of credit i will have at the end of the degree program plus what i have already transfer in.

    I really appreciate your input and if any one has something else to add please feel free to do so.

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