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I just missed interviewing for a position since I don't have any HP certifications...does anyone have any experience with them or information on their relative value. They weren't willing to consider someone who did not have them already. Honestly, except for the specific position, I don't think they would be a HUGE benefit, but by having more vendor-specific ones, does anyone think that that might enable me to look more well-rounded? I also suspect, without any real knowledge, that that they might be relatively easy compares to other certifications. Can someone dispel my ignorance, please?


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    Are you looking at a warranty repair job with HP? From what I have heard, it's like A+ geared towards HP's hardware and management tools. I don't want to lead you in the wrong direction, so keep in mind that this is hearsay, as that's what I have heard.
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    If a company requires an HP certified engineer is because they are either partners or integrators. Or a big datacenter full of HP gig, any other case is a minority/exception and rarely is required.

    Is not easy or cheap to get(or it wasn't before, not sure now). I worked for HP directly supporting HP proliant product line and HPUX tha was back in 2005-2006. I took all the courses for free @HP to get the HP ASE server integrator, server solutions and i don't recall the other names but never sat for the exams.
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    Thanks for the feedback guys. I was more inclined when I thought it might be easy or cheap or even better, both. Keeping streamlined and working on the N+ for now.
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