Strange Adding Host issues

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Hey all.

I am currently still setting up my new nested ESXi lab. I have ESXi 5.5 running as the underlying host(0) and then two ESXi 6 hosts nested on that. I have set up my DC, SQL, PSC and vCenter. All are booting up well.

I have managed to add my second host(2) to my cluster, however I am continuously having an error with adding the first host(1). This first host has been nothing but trouble. It had a couple of instances where it PSOD and when I attempt to add it, it will accept my root and pass and then after a minute ask me to accept the cert, then it will sit for 2 minutes and then present me with the attached error.

I destroyed the host(1) and rebuilt it. identical as the second host(2) (of course hostname, IP, etc are different) but I continue to get the same issue with adding it. There wasn't much in a google search that helped.

The underlying host(0) has it's vSwitch set to promiscuous enabled. vCenter is sitting on host 2 (which are both connecting)

Any ideas?

Thank you.
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    Any DNS issue possibly?
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    What happens if Vcenter runs on host1 instead of host2?
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    I've gone through DNS, tried using IP, still having the same error. I also decided to try adding the host 0 and it failed with the same message. To be able to join the SQL server and vCenter (sitting on host 2) to my DC which is sitting on Host 1, I needed to set host 0 vSwitch to Promiscuous Accept.

    Given the error is occurring on both host 0 and 1 it's a little weird.

    I'll try moving it on to host 1 and go from there.

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  • kj0kj0 Posts: 767Member
    Done a little testing. Migrated vCenter VM to host 1 and it took about half an hour longer to "Apply Computer settings" and then I was unable to RDP into the server, although the service had started. I also couldn't start any VMware services, they all continued to fail.

    Migrated back to host 2, and it all loaded up (vCenter services) in under 5 minutes.

    I think I will rebuild the entire lab, I have since added a Dual NIC card, So i will set that up with each nested host using a different NIC. Hopefully that might eliminate any potential MAC conflicts, etc.
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