w00t w00t Passed with 898 today!!

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Passed today with 898, thank God for helping me!! This was my 2nd try, first time I scored 745. The difficulty of the test is really hard, I thought I was able to do it the first time, since I am in the Cisco Networking Academy.

Good luck to all.


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    congrats to you...
    i toook it on the same day as you but i failed...
    some qns stun me...
    like i never come across them b4... icon_sad.gif
    how u study for the exam, can give me some tips... i planning to retake it next wk again...
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    Congrat to u and sorry for u, too..

    It is not how you study the exam, sometime it is how you understand the material and how confident are you? Some people get exam anxiety while sitting at the testing room. Unconfortable and other might cause you to fail. However, most of the time is the materials that get you.

    Try again, study those objective that you feel weak during the exam.
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    Yes, its how you understand the materials and how things work. I was in the Cisco Networking Academy so I used the Cisco Networking Academy Program's First Year and Second Year Companion Guide books, Sybex CCNA Study Guide and other various online resources including the TechNotes here :D
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