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Hello All,
I read in some of the posts that the materials for SABSA lend themselves well to the CISSP-ISSAP. Can anyone confirm this?

I'm planning on taking the SABSA and then the ISSAP and would like to avoid the official ISC2 CBK as I know it will be unbearable to read ;)

Any input is appreciated!


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    SABSA institute web site looks scary, I'm not about design, but overall liveliness. I clicked on blogs, it suggested to select blogs and sort them, turned out that there's only one and it has only two 2009 dated records by the founder. Same with news section. Are they alive at all?
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    Hi gespenstern,
    I had a call with SABSA yesterday. Essentially, even though the entire course material is captured in the 'blue book', available via Amazon, they won't allow people to certify unless they attend the official course. It's a money making scam. I'm torn between attending the course or switching to TOGAF..
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    I have taken the SABSA foundation course and this was a point of discussion.

    The situation is as follows: the official book does not really capture the course material, at least not in a usable way for self-study. They used to allow people who had self-studied to take the test and the failure rate was apparently incredibly high.

    The course itself is quite good if you can get a session that David Lynas runs, and I do think the certification is worthwhile if you are a security architect. Please note: no maintenance fees here.
  • wearingmyrolexwearingmyrolex Member Posts: 58 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Thanks for your feedback ironmustache,
    I'm going for the ISSAP and will revisit SABSA at a later date as I simply can't justify the financial impact just now. Maybe this time next year ;)
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    anyone knows the ~ cost of sabsa training in the UK?
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    foundation course will cost you 2390 GBP

    Course Schedule |
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    I have just completed the SABSA foundation course, and yes ironmustache is right. Course is really good.
    I have 10+ years of infosec experience while working with Oracle,IBM,HP etc...and I found SABSA course really helpful.
    I bought the book first, but the book is just OK...course fee is high but totally worth it.
    I am planning for advanced course in Risk and Assurance since I work in this area.
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