fairly new to security, so SSCP/CISSP which would you do?

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So right now I'm studying for Security+ which I plan to take soon. And after that I'm contemplating whether I should go after the SSCP or CISSP.

I've been in IT for about 5 years working mostly at smaller companies ranging from 200-600 people, usually doing helpdesk/JOAT roles. I'm pretty sure I can qualify myself for CISSP as I only need to fit my roles into 2 security domains and since I've been doing JOAT roles I've touched on a lot of different areas in my jobs.

My plans within the next year are to get a Security Analyst position and this fall I also plan on starting my Masters in Information Assurance at DSU.

Just wondering what others would do on here? CISSP or SSCP? (I realize Beads hates people just going for CISSP without a ton of Security experience :p but the ROI on it looks much higher)

I wish I could've done the GSEC this summer but got turned down for the work-study program in the city near me... Will keep applying to the SANS work study programs each year when they come my way though!

(I currently only have my Bachelors in CIS, A+, N+, and CCENT)
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    CISSP. SSCP is a waste in my opinion if you already have Sec+ if were talking ROI.
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    Correct - b/eads will hate you, but I say go for it :D
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    Since when are we listening to b/eads? LOL! I also said go big or go home. CISSP it is.
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    I currently have Sec+ and will be taking CISSP on 8/10, so the route I would pick is obvious.
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