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I'm planning on taking the 70-410 exam in the near future and I had some questions about it. Does it have a lot of simulator questions? Are the questions worded in ways that make the questions more difficult?

Some back ground on me. I took college courses on 70-410 and 70-410 this spring so all the material isn't as fresh as I would care for. We used the MOAC labs in both courses. I would have tried the exam earlier, but I had to take 4 summer security courses to finish my degree before moving out of state.

I've taken and passed A+, Network+, Security+, and CCNA.


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    There are no simulator questions. they are mostly multiple choice, Drag and drop, or point and click.

    Microsoft has a special way of wording questions, they are difficult. Labbing is your best option for studying.
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    If there are no simulator questions then why are the labs so important? Are the questions based on what step your are in a lab? You have finished x step, what do you do next? Or is it more you have tried X, but this is happening, what should you do?
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    You get questions that will ask you which tab you may find a particular setting.

    I'm not 100% sure what you mean by simulator questions but there are questions that give you a picture of the dialog/window that asks "Where would you click to accomplish this task."

    Lastly, labbing does more than prepare you for taking an exam or teaching you where on an interface you can click to do something. Microsoft doesn't want their tests to teach you just some general knowledge that is useless. They want you to know the objectives and to be able to perform those tasks in the real world. Sure some of it is hyped test nonsense but a lot of it is very, very practical and useful in everyday life. Labbing is probably the best way to become familiar with Microsoft products. You can read books all day long and still have no clue how to configure something or even what that something looks like.

    There is a section on that link that says "Exam formats and question types."
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    On the Cisco exam you have to actually type in commands and perform configuration steps similar to how you do it on the equipment. Some command short cuts work and you are graded by the final setup of the network equipment. Other questions have you go into the console and review configuration settings by entering the commands to view them. You are not just giving a readout of a log, but must know how to find it and interpret it.

    The Security+ exam had interactive questions, but not real Simulator questions.

    What was wondering is if I will be asked to identify the commands to setup a DHCP server through power shell by being asked in the form of a multiple choice question or by actually inputing the commands into power shell.

    Honestly I find the simulator easier than multiple choice questions as it grades you on an end product and not how you choose to get there.

    Thank you for answering my question and yes I have run through all the MOAC labs multiple times and even setup a spare computer with windows server 2012 and played with different configurations.
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