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There are numerous sources for learning the material such as the Shon Harris's AIO and Eric Conrad's Study Guide & 11th Hour. With limited hours in the day for someone who works FT and has a family, I thought I'd see which study questions/exams offered the best learning experience for those who've passed the exam. Here is the list of resource I've culled from the forums recently. If I've missed one, let me know.
  1. Transcenders
  2. CCure
  3. McGraw-Hill Practice Questions
  4. FreePracticetest.org
Thanks and good luck to anyone who is getting close to taking the exam!!

Sorry, I tried creating a poll but messed up and can't delete this post.


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    Apologies if this was not an appropriate question or a waste of people's time.
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    cccure and freepracticetest are the same thing?
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    You'll probably see a mixed bag of responses...based on my reading of the "Passed CISSP" threads it seems people used each of these resources and preferences vary. I only used the 3. McGraw Hill Questions and I think they helped in my preparation.
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    Thanks for the feedback. I haven't really started using practice questions yet but see their value. I was hoping to find the best resource to help shift the knowledge into memory in prep for the exam.
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