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Guys, I need your help, anyone have cisco press book because in the last chapt. which is chapt. 16. There is a sample network scenario he used and require 100 host.

Okay it's clear to me that I need to borrow 7 bits and give 9 bits for subnet. The mask that I'm going to use is /26 since it is class B.

9 bits for subnet and 7 bits for host
Number of subnet I can use is 512
number if host I can use us 128
since the only req. is 100.

256-128 = 128

so 0,128,256 is my list of subnet subnet 1st ip broadcast last ip

so can you give me the list of subnet for this. Bec. in the book he use

If you had a book then please check otherwise you cannot answer my question. You need to check the network scenario.

I just want to know how did it got this list of ip subnet.


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    By the way the book is cisco press intro 2005
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    Any links that I can use to apply all that I've learned now I'm getting confuse how to distribute ip addresses. I know how to calculate but now I don't know how to design. Just give me any links regarding this.
    Thank you
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    If you were using subnet zero, your list of subnets would be:

    (everything will use the mas)

    List of subnets:
    all the way down to

    The author does not appear to be using subnet zero in this case, so that means every subnet that you have that has a 0 in the fourth octect, cross that off your list.

    Now you have hundreds of subnets to chose from, and the author just decided to use the first three for his ethernets and then he skipped up to 163.12.128 for his first serial link. He could have chosen anything from the list and it would have worked.
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    IC, so bec. the author cannot use the subnet zero that's why he use the -
    so this are my list of subnet.


    Thanks, actually I'm now getting stress out. Is the exam intro exam diff?
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    wouldnt that be a /25?
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    yes /25 is correct which splits a /24 in half with 126 addresses. The mask he gave was right, the /# was wrong.

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    Thanks, actually I'm now getting stress out. Is the exam intro exam diff?

    No. Just know all of the info in Odom's Intro book and you are set.
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    Eric0; Is CDP a multicast???? and also for example i have 23 router

    r1 provide clocking to r2 and r2 provide clocking to r3

    Do i need to conf the clock rate for both r1 and r2 or r1 only??

    and also is it okay to conf all the clock rate for all router ? let say all of them use DCE cables.
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    CDP is a layer 2 protocol.

    If interfaces are directly connected then one of the interfaces will need to provide a clock signal. Only one side of a direct cabled connection will use a DCE cable. The clock rate needs to be configured on the DCE side.

    From this illustration you can see that clock rate is dictated by the side of each direct connection that has the DCE cable.

    R1/Serial1(DCE) Clock Rate 64000 ---><----R2(DTE)Serial1
    R2/Serial2(DCE) Clock Rate 64000 ---><----R3(DTE)Serial1

    In real applications many times there is an external CSU/DSU that will provide the clocking for you. This is easily configured on all of the adtran and motorla devices I've used.
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    Thanks eric now I understand if r1 has a dce and provide clocking to r2 then clock rate should be conf. so DCE to DTE. Actually last night I went to New horizon to schedule my exam. And on Monday I am going to take my 1st exam in IT.

    What topic do I need to focus more regarding the intro exam.
    I hope I can pass this intro test. I schedule my exam 9:00 am.

    I am starting get nervous........
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    Only you can answer which topic you need to focus on as you yourself could assertain which topic you are weak on. Keep cool and relax, nervousness would prevent you from having a clear mind during the exams.

    Good luck!... Youve had a lot of help from the forums here :P .. Im sure everyone of those who helped you would like to hear you did well...
    “Remember that everyone you meet is afraid of something, loves something, and has lost something”
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    Like I said, if it is in Odom's book it is a possibility for the test. That being said:

    Be sure you know how to use CDP show commands to find out info about neighboring devices.

    Be sure you know which Config registers do what.

    Know how to configure console and VTY passwords.

    Brush up on spanning tree.

    RELAX. You can do this. This test is very passable. It's only around 44 questions. Best of luck to you.
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    Thanks for the advice, now I'm reviewing as fast as I can the odom's book. I'll update you guys if I did pass my 1st exam in IT industry.
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    icon_thumright.gif Good Luck!

    When you pass, start a new thread -- it gives the newbies some encouragement and it will be easier for all of us to offer congratulations!

    Yeah, passing -- that's the only option we like discussing.
    :mike: Cisco Certifications -- Collect the Entire Set!
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    Guys before I forgot do I need to know how to conf OSPF and EIGRP in the intro exam, although I know already how to conf. Just want to check.

    Thanks and I'll do my best to pass this and after a few week maybe 2 weeks I'll try CCNA ICND.
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