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Hello everyone,

I live in Germany and went for a job interview recently for a European Bank needing a data operations specialist. It went well, though, I was told CCNA was a prerequisite. I don't have one and have not heard back from the company, I don't rate my chances to highly.

I have therefore decided to back up my experience with a certification or two within the networking field. I would love to go with the CCNA and a Security+, but after reading the forum I feel the Network+ would be a better choice before a more difficult CCNA or Sec+ (my networking knowledge is not quite up to scratch).

I will be paying for everything myself, so have some questions about the merit of these exams. The CCNA is popular in Europe, but does the Net+ hold any weight here? Should I study for the Net+ until I feel comfortable, then study for a CCNA and take only the CCNA exam?

Any help would be appreciated!


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    I would go first for network+ and then CCNA. Network+ teaches you the basics of networking. This is handy no matter where you are. Then you can go on with CCNA wich is a bit harder, but if you've learned a lot from network+ a lot of things will become familiar in the CCNA except the hardware part of CCNA wich will be totally new if you haven't worked with CISCO material..and of course CCNA goes more in depth into networking protocols etc..

    Good luck
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    Thanks Opi,

    I have decided on Net+ and have purchased the CBT Network+ series. It is actually a lot of fun (though I am only a quarter of the way through).

    It seems Net+ is unknown here in Germany (with the local companies anyway) as it is not available in German. I have, however, found a company that will do the testing.

    P.S Thanks Johan for this forum and of cause your technotes, they are fantastic!

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