Passed the CEH today!!!

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I just passed the CEH exam today. Yippee!!! Within the last 1 1/2 years I've completed the CISSP, CEH, SSCP, Security+ and ITILv3 Foundation exams sucessfully. I'm doing what I can to get an opportunity but it seems as though I'm not getting anywhere with the "good" job opportunities (i.e. security engineer) because my experience in security engineering took place 15 years ago. Maybe now with the CEH certification I'll get some looks. Anyone have any thoughts? I've tweaked my resume based on numerous opinions so hopefully with the CEH things will change.icon_cheers.gif
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    Congratulations!! I will be testing in the first week of August, and I hope to share your success!

    Could you share how you prepared for the exam (study materials, activities, previous experience, etc)?
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    Congrats on the pass!
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    Congrats. In terms of the resume, I'd recommend tweaking your resume for each position. Don't send out the same generic resume for every position. Have your "base" resume and when a new opening comes up tweak that "base" so that it targets the specific skills required. For example, if the job posting asks for SIEM experience, don't just list "ArcSight administrator," list that you were part of the team that investigated various SIEM options, helped select the final 2 or 3 for proof of concepts, helped install and test both POCs, and managed the final solution of "X." After it was installed, you tied in logs from your AV admin console, firewalls, NAC, web filter, and DLP solution and monitored and created tickets to remediate any security incidents that you discovered." That also gives any interviewers a good place to start when asking you questions, too.
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    Well I bought the Certified Ethical Hacker book by Michael Gregg and studied the skillsoft materials that I have available to me through the Army. My experience consists of working in IT 15 years ago in what would be considered entry level positions by today's standards.
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