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Hello All,

am preparing for CISSP for last two months. This forum is just awesome, people here are really superb and generic. By reading many threads, have built self-confidence and techniques to read and memorize the concepts fast and quickly. Thank you all.

Have completed almost 8 domains, following CISSP AIO, CISSP Study Guide 2nd edition, CBT nuggets videos and videos. Am practicing questions in TotalTester and McGrawhill site to test my knowledge. Most of the times, am getting around 80%. Sometimes around 70%.

Have a concern like questions will be similar to TotalTester and McGrawhill site? If so, am happy and need to practice and refresh concepts again. But if the questions more tough than these means, have to study very hard and prepare rigorously. Could you please any one suggest?

am planning to subscribe for CCCure practice questions in two days for more practice.

Could you please suggest more tips and plan to clear the exam. I am planning to write exam on Sept 26. Means have exactly two months of time. So to utilize time in good manner and clear the exam. Suggest :)

Thanks in Advance.

ALL the best to everyone who is preparing of the exam :)


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    Looks like you're on the right track. Sorry to say that most of the questions you do during practice won't be similar like the ones on the exam. The exam is designed such a way that you need to not just know the info but how it is applied in a given situation as well.

    I personally used CCCUre. It helped me to reinforce my understanding of the materials I studied. However, I saw no more than 5 similar (not same) questions on the actual paper.

    Here are some tips that worked for me:
    1) Study the material (books, CBTs), and learn how it is actually applied in the real world. This will help you remember and understand the materials.
    2) Do the practice questions. I would recommend CCCUre as it helps to identify which are your weak domains.
    3) The actual exam is a marathon. Timing is key. Pace yourself, read questions twice and watch out for pesky words like NOT, LEAST, etc. Take breaks to hydrate and refuel (helps you to refocus)

    HTH. All the best
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    Thanks Grungeisevil!!!!!!!

    Sure will take practice exams seriously from Tomorrow on-wards..

    Yes, if the same or similar questions are not appear in the exam. But if it comes in the concepts in the CISSP AIO, thinking I can manage to answer.

    Except that 25 questions, remaining will be in the scope of the syllabus right? or any out of scope questions will come or the concepts not in the AIO or Eric Conrad books will appear in the exam?

    Thanks Again
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    Yes, at least for the one I took, I saw about quite a few questions from the new material. This means that it was probably not covered in AIO/Conrad's book. You can see the topics added here:
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