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Exam is on Tuesday, spending the majority of these next few days studying.

Again, this cisco press book is causing me to doubt something that I thought I knew for sure.

When you want to specify a range of interfaces, putting interfaces fa0/5 -fa0/8 in vlan 2 for example, what is the proper syntax?

I always thought it was:

int range fa0/5 - 8

I'm taking the cisco press ICND practice test (with all updates), and it says it is possible to configure a range of interfaces with this command: "int fa0/5 - 8"

Is that possible? I use this command a lot at work, and I've always had to enter the word "range."


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    Hi, the best way to be for sure is to try it on your switches if you have real switches, to be sure.

    Otherwise I used about 3 different books and I've seen the correct config to be the

    int range fa0/1 - 8 format.

    Here I used the sybex 5, and kind of went over the new exam prep from exam cram and cisco's ccna command refernce they all have the above format ( int range fa0/1 - 6 etc.. )

    Unfortunately, I don't have real switches I'm using the Boson netsim and this software has lots of bugs so I don't want to base my opinion on it but based on the 3 books I read they've only mentioned the 1 format above.

    I hope this helps.
    INE v4 volume 1
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    Thanks for the input. I was pretty sure you did need the "range" keyword. I would have confirmed for myself with one of the switches at work, but I'm not back there until after my exam.
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