Certified Protection Professional

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I haven't seen this certification come up lately and frankly may be a bit mature for this board being a 8-9 year experience exam. ASIS is fairly stringent on the requirements as well a being known as a fairly difficult test.

Anyone have experience with this exam? It does change a bit come 16Mar16 so I am seriously thinking of finishing up my studies and sitting for the exam.

Any thoughts or guidance welcome.

- b/eads


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    b/eads, the best thing to do if you are a member of ASIS is buy a set of the POA. The Protection of Assets in theory covers everything needed on the CPP. I am eligible to take it and continue to cram.
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    Funny, I was just talking about this cert with a physical security professional. I will be attending courses for a job I will have in the AF in information security, physical security and personnel security and I will have this cert on my radar for late this year or early next. Some very interesting emergency management positions open in the area that this cert will help with.

    Following thread to see what info people have on the cert.
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    Save some of the standards information I think I show up for the exam half drunk from the night before and pass, hangover and all. Not that I am under estimating the exam I read much of the material and have years of experience with this material. So far it looks like a casual weekend to prepare rather than some fearful panic most put into these exams.

    Thanks for the input!

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    I am thinking of taking this exam as well.

    I think you know. FYI for others....

    If you plan to test before March 1, 2016, your exam will cover the domains as follows:
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    Adding some standards is probably the only thing that I'd have to study for - like anyone else. Everything else I have personally done from meatstick executive protection to planning complex security evasive routing, defensive driving courses, wrote a book on crisis management, etc. Old hat.

    Well, I'm sleepy.

    - b/eads
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    I have found that my local chapter does assist in some fashion of training or mentoring to assist in passing the exam.

    Once I find out more details I can update this thread.
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    I discovered that my local chapter MAY host an online study group (no update as of when).... I guess it's just me, the DVD's and some books.
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