Dual ISP failover mechanisms - need help please

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Hi guys, okay. I have a mpls wan and there are 4 edge wan routers and on 2 of them there are ISP1 and ISP2. ISP1 is for the primary ISP default and ISP2 is the default failover or secondary. On the ISP 2 router that has the default advertised and a static default route configured, I have a as-prepend and yes it is working for the default to head out the primary ISP edge router but the ISP edge router still keeps its local static default route and so ISP 2 edge router is sending that site to the secondary ISP and not sending it to the 1st primary. That is problem 1. I can have on the ISP2 edge router remove the static default and place the primary BGP derfault route so it used the primary and when the ip sla stops pinging on the primary ISP edge router it will take the default ip next hop out of route table and then it swings over to the ISP2 edge router.I guess my only issue is how can I make the ISP2 edge router not use its local static default route for internet? I want all edge WAN routers to use the BGP adv default router and not use its local static route? how can I remove that ? what mechanism? sorry so much writing but wanted you to see everything it is a simple setup. 1. ISP 1 edge wan router has ip sla ping and injecting a static default route into the route table with a route map 2. the ISP2 edge router has as-prepend mechanism which is working. 3. problem the isp 2 wan router is sending that branch to the isp2 default vs the primary because the static route in the route table takes precedence. how can I have isp2 branch router send all traffic to the ISP 1 edge router like the rest of the routers are doing per BGP?


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