Decided to work towards my CCENT as my first certification - have a few questions

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Hey guys,

Currently Im going to school for Computer Networking, and have only been in the field for one semester. I took the basic knowledge classes for networking, and the next semester that starts up in September delves a little deeper in switches, routers, etc. I don't have any experience with networking, but I do have general knowledge of computers and whatnot, so I was told to start at my CCENT and work towards for CCNA after that. I feel pretty comfortable going this route, and figured I'd take the CCENT exam during the weeks of my finals. Someone said that I should schedule my exam before I start stdying, that way I have incenstive to actually get it done by a deadline. Unforutunately, I only have 4 classes this semester so I will have plenty of time to study for this exam come December.

My question to you guys -- What are the best ways of studying for this exam? Before I decided on the CCENT, I was looking at CertMaster through CompTia for Network+ and realized I'll probably have to a buy book for this exam. What books should I pick up, and would September --> December be enough time to get the knowledge behind my belt? I figured I'd be able to spend at least 5 hours during the weekdays dedicated to studying, and even more on weekends. Thanks in advance guys, I'm a total newbie to this but I really can't wait to start my career in Networking.


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