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Hello all. I am new to the IT field, and am currently focused on acquiring some lifetime certifications. I know that lifetime certs are not typically valued as highly as renewable certs, but because I am new to the IT field (nearing the one year mark of professional experience), I figure that getting a few lifetime certs would be a good way to expand my knowledge of the field, while improving my resume a bit, at the lowest overall expense. Especially since I'm not sure which direction I will end up going in the IT field, paying the $50+ each year to keep the many renewable certs active will add up fast.

I am currently studying for the MCSA Server 2012, and I plan on going for Linux+ after that. I am curious what other lifetime certs are out there that could be good for me to work towards after Linux+. Ideally, I would like to branch out and get a variety of lifetime certifications, which will give me an idea of what I enjoy, and where to focus my career on, as well as keeping my skills well-rounded. Does anybody have any suggestions?


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    Almost all certifications are going to require some type of maintenance now days. I don't believe the eLearnSecurity and Offensive Security certifications expire if you're looking to go the security route.
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    The industry changes too frequently to consider any lifetime certs seriously, in my opinion. It's one thing to try and look appealing on a resume, but it's much better to appear effective today. An employer ultimately wants someone who can help the business while keeping costs low. That person is effective, efficient, and delivers meaningful results. Having paper trophies are only a start to get there.

    Certifications (if you value them) are an investment in yourself to learn and keep up with the changing times. It's like working towards buying a new pair of shoes* every now and then. Your old ones will only carry you so far unless you can refresh the soles and other wearable parts.

    * - apologies for the shoe analogy; best I could do on a moment's notice.
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    Well... MCSE on NT 4.0 probably has zero value as of now. While just 15 years ago it was in high demand. Everything changed in 15 years, everything. Sometimes I think why I even work in this volatile and unrewarding industry. Why I'm not a fishman?
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    All of my original certs were lifetime certs at one point in time. I focused on mastering the role that I was in and took about 10 years off from gaining new ones. In retrospect, that may have been a bad idea although my salary is kind of high for the region I'm in given my current credentials. I'm looking into obtaining the ITIL Foundations cert which I believe is lifetime, but will most likely continue them once I begin.
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    My CompTIA (A/N+) certs don't expire, but so what. I'm not building computers or working with bridges anymore. The certs may last a lifetime, but some of the things I studied in 2005 are not relevant now. I wouldn't choose a cert just because it will last a lifetime. I study for certs to compliment and enhance my skills.
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    I think the Microsoft MCSA certs are the only ones I can think of that you do not have to renew and do not have to pay to keep active. The MCSE certs however will have to be renewed every 3 years. And using vouchers I have been only paying $102 per exam, a real deal now days. Also, their second shot promotion is running again.
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    I'd probably say Knowledge and experience are the only lifetime certifications.
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    You can be safe with Comptia certs and ITIL. They do not expire but you will notice that, recertifying is a very good strategy for your career on the long run.
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    ccnpninja wrote: »
    You can be safe with Comptia certs and ITIL.

    If you didn't get a Comptia cert before the rules changed then this is incorrect. Now you have to recertify every 3 years on that cert or take a higher level exam offered through Comptia or another vendor that gives you enough points to renew the cert. I think there is also method for you to track your hours working in a related field to maintain the certification. If you renew through the continuing education or another/higher cert I believe you have to pay a fee.
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    While ITIL is a lifetime cert, be careful. A lot of companies are asking for ITIL Foundations v3 (or 2011). When the next full version comes out, you might not have the expected cert anymore.
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    It was only the older CompTIA certs that don't expire. CompTIA A+ certifications issued in 2011 or later are valid for three years. You can keep your certification current through their Continuing Education Program.
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    and that is not too hard!
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    Found another lifetime cert - Certified Wireless Technology Specialist:

    The CWTS validates the knowledge of enterprise WLAN sales and support professionals who must be familiar and confident with the terminology and basic functionality of enterprise 802.11 wireless networks. To earn the CWTS certification, you must pass 1 exam: PW0-071
    • The CWTS certification is a lifetime certification. No re-certification is required.
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    Consider certs in general to having a half-life similar to plutonium-238 - a very short lifespan.

    - b/eads
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