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as the exams get closer and I am concentrating on practice questions, quizzes an exams etc, I am noticing that most of these are scenario-based (especially o/s) and this makes them a lot harder if you have have no experience in the field, is this the case with the real thing?

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    I fear you are not the only one. I have no experience and i'm writing mine 2morrow. Just like the hardware, i think if you study hard enough and do everything the way you have been doing it, you will be OK. :)
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    The exam objectives as written by CompTIA are targeting a person with at least 500 hours experience.

    I also think that they are not considering a board swapper as a candidate, but the level above that. So a person could easily have a 1yr of full-time work experience prior to the exam.

    It seems more and more people are taking the exam without experience. I suppose it can be done, but it really doesn't show what a candidate knows - it shows they can read material and answer questions. It doesn't mean they can accurately apply their knowledge.

    If you want to take the exam without experience, go for it. Just don't be surprised when an interviewer requires you to do a hands-on test ;)


    geez, I think I'm ranting....sorry guys :)
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