INE Vs. IPExperts

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Hello all,

Age ole question time, I am thinking about going with INE's CCIE Data Center study materials, but the internet in all of it wisdom is making a compelling case for IPExperts. Cost is a factor for me, since I am paying for this out of my on pockets, so what do you guys think is better?


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    I have been told the same, and is why I purchased their VoD. If you want IPExpert, I'd jump on it within the next 50ish hours. They have a 50% off sale, and it doesn't come around very often (I think the last time they had a sale like this was maybe like 6 months ago).

    Use code dcco5 for 50% off anything DC. I'm about to myself.
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    I am on it, with this discount, it is cheaper than INE for the 2 year pass
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