[Advice] Coming from Cisco.. In love with PMP and Security

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Hi guys,

I'm a network engineer with CCNA and CCNA Security certification, with 3 years experience in networks. I've also worked on various IT project even outside the network path. However, I love network but I am no longer amazed and happy with it.

I truly adore IT but I am thinking of switching to something a little bit different from networks. Currently, I'm thinking of joining the cyber security world and also the project management.

What's in my mind now?

1) Project management: I love the business side of IT and I think it would be great. I've worked for almost a week in a projects team and I really loved what they do.

2) Cyber/IT security: currently, the world is on fire and security is the key in this age. Add to that, I am a network engineer but with a great background and knowledge of security topics, attacks, and more because I like this field so much.

I like to enter both worlds and I ready to study for both the same time :)

NOTE: for the security part, I don't want the pure technical work of writing code (I mean pure programming) and I also don't want the network technical part (configuring routing protocols, etc).

What did I reach from researching?

1) Project management: since I don't have project management experience, I am advised to go with Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) then proceed with PMP.

2) Cyber security: After research, I found that it's better to start with CompTIA Security+ then proceed with (ISC)².

ONE LAST NOTE: for security, forget about programming or configuration. For example, security analyst, forensics, examiner, etccc....

Any notes, recommendations, suggestions, ideas?
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