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Got a question on booking a hotel for Work Study. Do facilitators have to pay the full price for a week, or can they can a discounted rate like students do?


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    You get the "SANS" rate which is the same as students. You'll find it listed on the event page. Having said that, you may get better rates directly through the hotel or something else. I recently asked them if the requirement was to book through The SANS event code because my company rate was considerably cheaper. They said I just need to stay there to qualify for the cert, doesn't matter how I booked.
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    Yeah I called today and found that to be the case. I've been told you get the same material that the student do, and go through it along with them, so long as the instructor doesn't need anything. Did you find that true in your case?
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    I've done the smaller events (8 classes) three times and barely missed any class time. Other guys here who have done the big events (40+classes) have reported missing more class time. Which class are you taking?
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    Does the work study include the exam? The documentation made it sound like it was only for the class.
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    If you either stay at the associated hotel, stay with a family or friend, or own property close by, you get the exam for free.
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    I'm doing a smaller event for the SEC 401 course. I have family about 45 min out, however I already booked the room at the hotel. Trying to see if work will pay for some of it. Honestly, I don't think it would be good to drive after a 12-14 hour day.
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    Just curious if there's anyone else on here that's applied repeatedly and never been selected?

    Seems like on the board I hear of folks who have done it multiple times, or been selected for multiple opportunities (at the same time) but has anyone else struck out across the board?

    Recently got denied for like 10 different ones at varying times. That's along with the handful of other times I've been denied over the past few years. Not losing hope though!
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    cyberguypr wrote: »
    I've done the smaller events (8 classes) three times and barely missed any class time.

    I'm curious, did your company pay you for the week? After all you are doing training and at a steeply discounted rate no less. Did your company pay the facilitator fee?
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    All have been paid by the company except one, which I covered out of pocket because that year they sent me to TechEd and it exhausted the training budget. The one I paid was local so the only expense was the $900. All have been done while on the clock.
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    I first I scuffed at the Idea of being a facilitator, but now that I think about it, it might be beneficial. Wouldn't have any trouble getting my employer to pay for one Sans Course a year, but the possibly of taking two in one year is appealing.
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    I can relate to not being selected but my advice is to keep applying. I applied for about 8 events all at once, basically anything on the East coast thinking that travel would still be cheaper than the cost of the class. Over the last couple months I've been getting notices that I was not selected. Then, a few weeks ago I was told I was selected.

    Funny how things work out. The event is about 30min drive from my home and I was selected to facilitate for my first choice.
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