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is there a simple way to see what resilience mode a VM is in on VSAN. I created a new vsan but it started with a single host and guest where provisioned as a single image. Now changed the storage policy to mode 1 so it can tolerate a single host failure, but have it set to "force provisioned".

Now I ahve 3 hosts in the cluster and the VSAN I would hope that the resilience is getting syned up but is there any way to list all the VM's and how many copies of there disks have been created. I can do them one by one but I want a list of VM that just tells me if they are or are no resilient
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    There's this new VMware fling which has new PowerShell extension module for VSAN. Download from here, one of the get- VSAN cmdlets may let you obtain the information you are after. I dont have a VSAN to check this out for myself.
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