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I saw some books to pass the CompTIA A+ and network + certifications. do you guys think that is enough to actually pass the exams? I am new to I.T and need career change i more than likely will be medically retiring due to injuries. medical retirement does not pay very much and i need something to get my foot in the door. I also enrolled at the community college in the I.T field but i cant wait two years before i can get a job. so i am looking to get certified ASAP. thanks


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    Yep, pretty certain I just used one book for each of them I when I passed them. There are Professor Messer's free videos as well online.
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    Im A+ lifetime certified but from what I understand the A+ has changed quite a bit since I took it. If you learn best by reading then for the A+ one book should suffice. I prefer Boson for most everything I prepare for as I learn best by taking practice exams in addition to reading.
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