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Has anyone used Boson practice exams for ROUTE? I have gone through 2 practice exams and some of the questions just seem out of scope or barely within the scope of the blueprint, vpdn anyone?


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    I used Boson for the route. I thought the scope was pretty good as far as the blueprint breakdown was concerned.

    Use it for what it is, a tool to measure what you need work on. I didn't realize my knowledge in infrastructure services and pppoe was lacking as much as it was, until I took the practice test and saw how much I DIDN'T know those topics. I used that to go back and review my weak points that were on the practice exam and blueprint.

    In addition to Boson, I went through each chapter in the OCG and FLG and did all their practice questions. Spending more time on chapters that I got less than an 80%.

    They really help to shine a light on your weak spots. Good luck with your studies!
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    I've used Boson for ICND1,ICND2,SWITCH, and I will be buying the ROUTE exam from them. Like atorven said, I use Boson as a tool to track my progress. About 2 months before my exam date, I take the first practice exam and use it to gauge my weak areas. Then after a few weeks of review, I take the 2nd exam, and so on. I improve my score each time I take it. My first attempt on the 3rd exam has been real close to my passing scores from Cisco. I use that 3rd attempt as the true measuring point because anything after that and you're just memorizing answers.
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