Question about MCP/MCPS

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When I passed my exam in 2013 regarding 70-680. I recieved a cert called MCP or MCPS as well which I didn't know at the time.

When I logged into my account today I saw that I had both MCTS: Configuring Windows 7 and MCPS: Microsoft Certified Professional which used to be the MCP. I have question would I put the cert into my cv when applying for jobs or just put it on my linkedin profile.

If anyone else has this cert I would like to know what you did with the cert if you put it on your linkedin or CV.


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    AFAIR, you get MCP/MCPS when you pass any 070-*** exam. And it kind of gets "renewed" each time you pass your next exam, so its date is always a date of the last exam you've passed. So yeah, after passing 070-680 you get both MCTS (technology specialist) on Windows 7 and MCPS (professional and something) which is unspecific.

    Sure, put it where it's possible, both profile and resume, why not. I did that and never regretted lol
  • themanwholaughsthemanwholaughs Member Posts: 27 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Cools thank for your response and yeah I didnt know about the cert until I had a look yesterday. I think after passing my 70-680 exam I just forgot about it and just put the MCTS on my CV. I'm planning to get my MCSA: Server 2012 so it will renew the MCP/MCPS cert interesting. Thanks for your help.
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