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Hi guys
I have in my lab the following equipment:
2950, 2960G, 3550 and 3750G.
Will it be enough to test all the necessary features for 300-115 exam or should I look for another 3750s?


  • olaHaloolaHalo Senior Member Member Posts: 748 ■■■■□□□□□□
    You've got me beat. I only have 2 3550s and a single 2960.
    But Im still studying ROUTE
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    I'm not familiar with the 2960G, but the 2950 and 3550 won't support Private VLANs, VTPv3, or IPv6. I would add a 3560 or 3750 to have at least 2 Layer 3 switches that support all CCNP topics.
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    You should be able to get away with what you have (many have used similar). As stated above you won't get 100% coverage, however, the missing topics aren't that bad - just study up them a bit more since you can't lab them. I'm not sure the extra expense for 3560s is warranted for those relatively minor topics, but that is certainly your call.
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    The 3750 should cover everything the 3560 does.
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