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I take the test on the 23rd. I've come to expect a lot of questions on bootdisks, recovery console, ASR, boot.ini, Windows NT. Is there anything that jumps out that I should know about these items.


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    Review the objectives from CompTIA. There's no real way to know what sort of questions you may see on your particular exam. Have a good understanding of all the objectives and you should be fine. :)

    No, nothing in particular jumps out as you need to study 'this' more than 'that'. It really depends on who much you've seen in the field and what is 'easy' for you and what is not so easy.
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    gotta love the objectives lol that covers everything. I got alot of questions on OS booting, boot.ini, NTOSKRNL, ntldr.com etc.. also got a few questions on virtual memory and how to get to it which should be easy. also know how to make an erd disk from NT4 cd, almost 90% of people get that question, ya use rdisk.
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