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I took the selftest and transcender and kaplan tests and consistently score about 90-92% but i still get a fail on the test. What gives? Is the passing score like 100%?

If i get like 46 correct out of 50, that should be a pass, right?


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    that should definitely be a passing score
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    I just posted something about transcender. Those questions for the 70-410 are kind of off. The test don't really ask questions regarding that exam and are much harder to answer. They go off the topic ... thats what I think and other users have posted about that.

    Thats why i'm trying to find at least something close to the 410 as possible.
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    I use the Transcender test that is offered through WGU and there is a settings section of the test that lets you adjust the thresh hold for a passing score. Not sure how you are accessing Transcender, but it may be the same for you.
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